Hello Team Alien Freak & SEVENDUST Family,

We are very excited to launch our new Website and our New Store(s). Yep, you read that right....STORES.

We will now have 2 Stores Up and Running.

One Store will be mostly dedicated to our Tees and Hats; with other accessories coming along the way in the near future. This store will be powered by our friends over at JSR Direct. With us partnering up with the awesome people at JSR, we will be able to print our Tees on demand and not have to worry about stock availability for any of our shirts. And the best part......we can now carry many more designs and variations.

Our other Store will be dedicated to our Limited Edition Items and will be the Current Home of our Hoodies.
Sales of our Popular Drumhead Packages will move over there also next year, as well as stage used & autographed items; such as Drumsticks, Photos, Gear & etc. 

We are really looking forward to this, and the future of AFW. Our Number 1 priority is you, our family. And with these Stores, we believe that this will be the best
AFW experience for YOU.

So go take a cruise around the NEW; we think you'll dig it. The Tour section will be updated regularly by the BandsinTown App, we have a section for our Sponsors with links for their site and Morgan's profile on each site. The Press section will have new and old Ad's featuring Morgan, our Video section has some cool selected Video with Morgan and we have a Links section; where you can find all Social Media & Website Links for Sevendust and related projects. We also  have a Blog section planned. Morgan will pop in from time to time and let us know whats going on in his head.

The coolest section I believe is, #TEAMALIENFREAK.
There we have all the cool Ink featuring Morgan/AFW you guys have sent in. When you click on each image, the individuals name and social media info will display.
Feel free to give them a follow and keep the family growing. If you have a Morgan/AFW related tattoo and would like it to be featured on the site, please email us a picture with your name and social media info at

THANK YOU for all the years of supporting AFW, Morgan & the rest of the SEVENDUST family.

Keep checking back for more info,